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Grading papers…

August 30, 2009

is not fun.  You know why?  Because I have to grade 130 of everything.  When grading, I feel the same way I did when I was doing homework.  I have to force myself to get started and I take lots of breaks.  The good thing is that I have no deadline.



And on the third day…

August 30, 2009

(Sorry, I wrote this one on Thursday and saved it instead of posting it).

I sent a kid to the office for the first time.  This kid was trouble since day one.  I didn’t want to send someone to the office this soon, but I couldn’t handle him.  From talking to other teachers, everyone has heard of this kid.  Even the ISS teacher can’t handle him.

After school, I went to get drinks with some teachers.  I walked in to the restaurant and told them I was meeting a group.  She said there was a group of ladies there and I said that sounds like my group.  It was me and 15 women, not as exciting as it sounds.


Two down…

August 26, 2009

I survived day two.

Nothing much happened today; no animals during lunch.  The principal came and watched my class today and I was nervous, but even the teachers who have been teaching for years say that they still get nervous when a principal visits.  He left me a good note, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I noticed something today.  I am a passive person and do not like confrontation, so why did I decide to become a teacher?  I am sure I will get over that quickly, especially since I am bigger than them.

One of the biggest challenges I will face will be with my 6th period class.  That is probably my worst class, which might be do to the fact that it is after lunch and they are full of energy.  The problem is that is also the class with all of my ESL students.  Hopefully I can get the class under control so that I will be able to help my ESL students.


One down…

August 25, 2009

I survived day one.

Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I didn’t have any problems with my classes and I wasn’t ever nervous.  My classes went smoothly, except that I finished too early and they had too much free time at the end.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I have all (well, I am supposed to have, but I don’t think they are all in my classes yet) of the ESL students who are in 8th grade.  There are only a handful of them and none of them are Spanish speakers.  The ones that I know about speak Hindi, Korean, and Russian.

I was pleasantly surprised how my body survived the day.  I didn’t lose my voice.  I didn’t feel tired until I got home and climbed the stairs.

There was one exciting moment today.  All of the 8th grade teachers were eating lunch in one of the science rooms and a dog walked in.  We don’t know how he got in, but we think he kept walking until he found people.  He was a friendly dog and I played with him so he wouldn’t leave the room.  One of the teachers called the office and I don’t think they believed her, but the principal and one of the AP’s came down to get the dog.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t a husky.

That is one day down, only one hundred and something left until summer.



August 24, 2009

Sorry that I haven’t been posting.  I have been crazy busy getting things ready and I haven’t spent much time on the computer.   Hopefully things will get settled soon and I will have more time to do things.

Anyway, school starts tomorrow.  I am excited and nervous.  I am not too worried, just anxious.  I think I am more worried about having everything ready than being in the class with the kids.  I need to get to bed soon because I want to get to school early to finish up last minute details.  G’night!


All grown up…

August 11, 2009

Today I signed up for insurance; I have dental.  I feel like a big boy now.

On a side note, my internet & cable will not work for more than 24 hours.  They set it up on Thursday and have been out every other day. I get to wait for them again tomorrow. Lucky me.


August 1st…

August 1, 2009

So today is the first of August and my teaching certificate is now valid.  Not that exciting, but I thought I would share.