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A sub for the sub…

October 16, 2009

It feels like it has been a while.

Today I was supposed to have a sub for part of the day.  The new teachers each get a chance to observe other teachers and today was my day.  My sub was supposed to cover periods 2, 3, and 4 for me and 5, 6, and 7 for another teacher.  We were both in my room for 1st period.

During 1st period, she asked where the closest bathroom was.  I told her and she was gone for a while.  Then some lady came in (she obviously works and my school, but I don’t know who she is) and said something about helping the sub. I said I have a sub and she just walked in.  Then my sub said that she was going home.  Apparently she was throwing up.  So we were trying to find someone and by we, I am not included.  They got a co-teacher to cover 2nd and a para to cover the rest.

The observations went well.  It was good to see how other teachers teach.  Hopefully I can follow in their lead.

In other news, today I won a prize in a cooking contest that I didn’t even knew I entered.  We had a chili cook off for Relay For Life.  People brought chili, cornbread, and dessert.  The other day, they sent out an email saying that they needed more cornbread, so I volunteered.

I knew there was a contest for best chili, but I didn’t know they were judging for best dessert and best cornbread.  I didn’t even think people would eat my cornbread.  I made muffins and they stuck to the pan real bad and looked terrible.  I got to lunch and most of them were gone.  I was surprised.  Then I realized that they were voting on cornbread as well and there were more chips in my cup than the others.

Here is part of the email they sent out: “The corn bread that was in the ZipLoc Baggie, was voted best cornbread!  Please let me know who the cook is….”  Since I didn’t know they were voting, I didn’t put my name on it.  I told them it was me and I got my recognition.

So happy it is the weekend!



Using technology…

October 5, 2009

Did you ever have a teacher who was using technology in class and couldn’t figure something out, but you knew exactly what was wrong?  I bet the teacher didn’t want your help fixing it either.  Well…

I think something happens when using technology in front of the class.  I consider myself to be good with technology, but in class when something goes wrong, I can’t seem to figure it out easily.  It happened today and it has happened before.  It always seems to be something minor and easy, but is difficult for me to figure out.  I guess I can’t perform under pressure.


Today was another exciting day…

October 2, 2009

I almost had a kid arrested, but he got a ticket instead.  I probably shouldn’t say anymore.