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December 17, 2009

I gave my first finals today.  I got to use the scantron machine for the first time.  My kids are actually doing well on the final.  I don’t know if it is because the exam is easy or if they are actually trying.

Today I told my kids that I was going to email Santa and tell them who has been naughty and nice.  I don’t think it works very well on 8th graders.

Half a day left!



It’s the last week of the semester…

December 15, 2009

And the kids are crazy.  I cannot wait until Friday.  Here are some stories of my crazy kids.

Today, I was asking a girl if she had her missing work.  I have been reminding her and she hasn’t turned them in and is failing because of this.  I know her parents are cooperative, so I emailed her work to them and asked if they could make sure she completes it.  I told her at the end of class and she was upset.  She yelled out “Now I am going to be f***ing grounded.”  And me with my smart mouth said, “Yeah, especially when they find out what you just said.”

In another class, I saw a kid passing a note and I thought it looked odd.  I went and picked it up, but the kid did not want to give it to me, so I knew something was up.  When I finally got it, I could feel what it was.  He was passing a condom around, wrapped in a piece of paper.  (It was still in the wrapper).

Hopefully I can survive the next 2 1/2 days without going crazy myself.


I learned an important lesson today…

December 9, 2009

Yesterday, the principal sent out an email saying that the computer labs were closed until further notice due to damage by students.  This morning, I sent him a long email with suggestions for what could be done.  I never heard back.  Today during the faculty, the computer labs was the hot topic (due mostly to everything else being extremely boring).  When they got to the computer labs, they announced the decision.  They are making a committee to come up with ideas and suggestions for what can be done.  The committee includes the computer teachers, our campus tech, volunteers, and me, because “of the suggestions I offered.”  I found out that I was volunteered at the same time everyone else did.  I hope I was chosen because they think I can do a good job and not as a punishment.  Honestly, I probably would have volunteered anyway.  Lesson learned: keep you mouth shut.



December 8, 2009

Today, my students were making collages in class.  Things were going well.  After school, I was looking at them and noticed that someone’s college had a hole cut out of it.  Someone had cut a picture out of this boy’s collage because they needed that picture!  Can you believe that?  I had seen this one when it was finished, so I know he had it completed.  It wasn’t difficult to look through to other collages and find out who had taken the picture.

Tip of the day: When you are stealing pictures from another student’s collage, make sure to remove the picture completely.  If you leave an outline of the picture, it is very easy for the teacher to match the picture up.  Then I have to write you up.


Bake sale…

December 3, 2009

This weekend, there is some sort of winter fair at my school.  They are having a bake sale or cake walk or something and they want teachers to donate desserts.  Not a problem, I like to bake.  But here’s the catch.  The desserts have to be store-bought.  Yes, we cannot bake things for the bake sale, we have to buy them.  Has anyone heard of this before?  I wasn’t the only one who was surprised by this.  Apparently, they do this because of worries of contamination for allergy reasons.

They sure do know how to bribe us to help.  Everyone who donates a dessert or volunteers at the fair, get a jean sticker, which allows us to wear jeans one day to work (as long as you wear the sticker).  We have no problems paying to get to wear jeans to work.  The high school has a fundraiser for (I think their after prom or something) where they sell jean stickers.  Of course, most teachers buy them.  It’s great, because teachers throughout the district are more than willing to buy them and it is pure profit (and pure genius).

By the way, my cake was buy one get one free and I’m not donating two.  I get my own cake to eat!


My first parent conference…

December 2, 2009

Despite the number of parent conferences we have at at school this year, today was the first time that I had to go to a parent conference.  I still can’t believe that none of my kids have had them yet.  So I have been having issues with a kid in class and I called the parent conference.  I didn’t want to call one until I had been to one.  I think it went well.  I was nervous, but there were some other, experienced teachers there, who led the conference.

The mom was very cooperative, which is always a good thing.  I knew she would be, since I have talked to her before.  Only time will tell if this makes a difference.


Seating charts…

December 1, 2009

I hate making seating charts.  Unfortunately, I have to have them.  Making a seating chart is like solving a hard puzzle.  There are so many things to take into account and for some reason, I always miss something.  But they way to judge it is by how much the students hate it.  If they hate it, then they aren’t near their friends and things are good.

Today, I had new seating charts; it was time.  My kids hated it.  They really hated it.  I had two kids that I had to send to the office, because they would not sit in their new seats.  One girl said, “Why do you get to say where I sit?”  Really? Umm…I am the teacher and I am in charge.