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Today was a sad, sad day…

February 22, 2010

Today in class, we were talking about westward expansion and trails that people took west.  One of the trails we discussed was the Oregon Trail.  We all remember the Oregon Trail as a computer game.  I wanted to let you know how many times I had kids make references to the video game.  I thought it was be best to show in chart form:

That’s right, not one student said anything about the Oregon Trail being a video game.  You might not think this is unusual, but these kids would have said something like, “Isn’t that a video game?” if they knew it was a game.  What has happened to these kids?  Oregon Trail used to be the game that we all loved to play on the computer lab.  They know nothing about having to ford a river, dying of cholera or killing 3000 pounds of meat when you know you can only carry 100 pounds back.  Like I said, today was a sad, sad day.




February 19, 2010

I made a kid cry.  This is the first time I have made someone cry.  I don’t want to say he deserved it, but he kind of did.  He made a bad decision (again) and might be suspended (again).  These kids need to learn that there are consequences to their actions.


Busy, busy, busy…

February 18, 2010

I don’t know why, but I am a lot busier this semester.  It seems like I can never catch up on my work.  Part of the way I judge this is by how much stuff is on my desk.  Once I think I have caught up, here comes more and we are not even to the part of the year that I expected to be busy.

On an unrelated note, I almost made a 6th grader cry today.  I asked him a question and he sounded like he was about to cry.  Am I that scary?


Today was a great day…

February 11, 2010

I am not evil I promise.  Today was a test day.  Oh yeah, and there was the whole snow thing which may have contributed, but I’ll get to that.

Usually on test days, the kids are great.  They know that if they talk, I will assume they are cheating and write them up and they go to ISS and get a zero.  (BTW, they cannot go to ISS and get a zero, that is double punishment, they go to ISS and have to redo it.  I don’t tell them that though.)  Today most of my classes were being terrible after they finished.  They kept talking and not doing their work.

Then comes 3rd period, which is probably my worst class.  I had this one girl, who I have had problems with before.  She kept talking, not sitting in her seat, and did not do her work.  I finally sent her to the office. Me/ISS: 1, students: 0.

Then I had this other boy who was doing pretty much the same, except he usually isn’t too terrible, although he come close.  I was going to send him to the teacher next door.  He refused to go.  I told him to either go next door or go to the office and he chose (and by chose I really mean chose, because he said it) the office.  Although he didn’t tell me “no” when I told him to go next door, he still refused by just standing there.  Telling a teacher no when they tell you to do something is an easy way to get ISS.  Me/ISS: 2, students who can’t behave: 0.

Then we move to 4th period.  I have this one boy who just hates my class, and I don’t know why.  Today he was complaining because my class “is so gay” and he “hates this class.”  He kept talking after he finished the test and was made because I would not let the class go outside.  He even said something about wanting a “teacher who actually teaches.”  I was pissed.  Really?  You think I don’t teach.  It is actually that you don’t try to learn when you sit there and draw during lectures.  And I don’t teach because we aren’t going to play in the snow.  Oh, time for you to go to the office.  I heard from an AP and a teacher that he was bawling in the office.  I even heard (a rumor perhaps) that he was hyperventilating from the crying.  And this from one of our athletes.  Me/ISS: 3, students who hate me: 0.

Next up, 5th period.  By this time, a lot of kids were out because their parents picked them up because of the weather.  But that didn’t make them behave any better.  This time I caught a kid cheating on the test.  I noticed him looking on another kid’s paper and just stared at him.  He saw me and I just glared.  He said, “I guess I won’t get the bonus.” Nope. Off to the office.  I got an email later saying that he didn’t get ISS.  I was angry, I was on such a roll.  Me/ISS: 3, cheaters: 1.

During 6th period, I was not going to take any crap.  I told them that I had already had 3 kids sent to ISS and wasn’t done writing referrals.  They were well-behaved.  During 7ht period, I spoke to the AP who did not put the cheater in ISS.   I had heard before that cheating was automatic ISS.  She said that she made a mistake and he will be put in ISS.  Me/ISS: 4, evil demons 0.  That’s right, I was 4 for 4 today; batting a thousand.

I wonder if the snow had anything to do with the terrible behavior.  But then again, they were pretty terrible yesterday too, when it wasn’t snowing.  I did get tired of the kids asking if they could go outside and play in the snow.  I finally wrote a note on the board that said, “We are not going outside, so don’t ask.”  I expected some smart comments, but didn’t get any.

Speaking of going outside in the snow, I think there were at least two kids who broke bones at school today in the snow.  But what do you expect when they take off running to get to the snow.

I will leave you with this.  The bonus question on the test was to list the first 5 presidents in order.  Most of them who attempted it did well, except for this one: 1) John Adams, 2) Thomas Jefferson, 3) James Madison, 4) Theodore Roosevelt, 5) Henry Shreve (who invented the flat bottom steamboat).

As of now we still have not heard if school is delayed/cancelled.  A lot of other districts have already made the call.



February 8, 2010

This may end up turning into more of a rant, but here we go.  Some parents just frustrate me.  Especially when I call to tell them that their kid has detention and they worry because it conflicts with basketball/football/volleyball/etc. practice.  I’m so sorry.  Maybe your child should behave in class and we wouldn’t have to worry about this.  I was under the impression that school came before sports.  Oh wait, this is Texas.  Most of them will come around, but there are still some who refuse.

Tip: when you have kids, put school first.  Yes extracurricular activities may be important, but school should come first.  I bet the coach/director/etc. doesn’t want the kids if they can’t behave in class.  Luckily for them, they can kick those kids out.  I don’t have that luxury.


Sleeping in class…

February 5, 2010

I can be so mean sometimes.  Today, we watched 2 videos over the industrialization.  I will admit that one of them was kind of dry.  Most of my classes did pretty well with the videos.  Mainly because of the threat of other work, which was ready to go.  However, my 6th period class had some problems staying awake.  I don’t know if it was because it was after lunch or what, but they just wanted to sleep.  At one point, half of the class had their heads down, so I turned the lights back on, but then the video was hard to see, so I turned them back off.

I don’t know how many of the actually fell asleep, but I know one who did for sure and he just would not keep his head up.  Now this kid is someone who I like and good in class.  He also happened to have athletics after my class.  After the video was over, I went up to him and said, “Do you want me to walk with you to athletics and left your coach know that you are tired?”  He said yes, thinking that I was just kidding, but I wasn’t.  After class, I told him to wait and then he realized what was going on.  I walked with him to the locker room and we went into the coach’s office.  He showed me where the office was and started to walk off, but I made him come in with me.  I saw his coach and said, “Coach, my buddy here is really tired and could not stay awake in class last period.  He would appreciate it if you could go easy on him in practice today.”  The coach said it was not a problem.  That boy was so embarrassed.  I wonder how practice was.

On another note, I had a girl slam my door on Wednesday.  I have had lots of doors slam, but I have never heard a door slam that loud.  I don’t really have a story to go with it though.