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Laser pointer…

September 23, 2010

Today, I picked up a laser pointer from as kid.  This isn’t the first time I have confiscated one of these, but this one makes for a good story.  After class, another student came up to me and asked if he could have it back.  Here is a reenactment of the conversation.

“Can I have my laser pointer back?”

“Wait, this is yours?  Why did he have it?”

“He took if out of my pocket.”

“So you’re telling me that he stuck his hands in your pocket and you didn’t stop him?”

“It fell out of my pocket.”

“Well which was it?  Now I know you are lying.”

I kept the laser pointer.

In other news, I am taking tomorrow off to go to San Antonio for my grandpa’s 85th birthday party.  I am so glad to have the day off.  I have been so stressed out this week, but I think I have finally caught up.  On Tuesday, I was at school for 12 hours and that about killed me.




September 20, 2010

They always say to watch what you put on Facebook.  I thought I was being safe, but apparently not safe enough.  Today, a student told me that she had a picture of me proposing to someone.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She said it was on her phone and asked if she could show it to me.  I said, “sure.”  Well she was right.

Last year, I had a picture up from a friend’s ring day.For those of you who have not seen it, basically, I am down on one knee, giving him his ring.  I had it as my  profile picture for about a week.  I guess someone must have gotten the picture from my profile last year.  I have my settings set so that only my friends can see me stuff and I am not friends with any current or former students, so someone had to get it last year during the week it was up.  It must have been a student from last year, although I didn’t hear anything about it then.  Oh, and here is the best part, apparently the picture is “going around” everyone’s phones.

This picture is not really that bad, but now the kids are judging me.  I tried to explain the story, but who knows.


Loser class…

September 9, 2010

This is not going to be pc, however, this is how I feel.  My last class of the day is a difficult class.  It is by far worse than any class that I have had ( granted I have only been teaching for two, but I could tell this was going to be bad from the beginning).  Part of the problem is that 8th graders have athletics during last period and most of them are in athletics.  A lot of the ones who are not have been kicked out or don’t have the motivation.  It puts a lot of bad kids together.  Not all of the kids who are not in athletics aren’t bad, but there is something different about the kids who do not have the motivation to do well in class. By the end of the first week, I dubbed this class “loser class.”

I dread the last period of the day and I am not the only one.  One of the other social studies teachers hates her 7th just as much as I do.  The other teacher has a pre-AP class that period.  The work ethic in this class is terrible.  Half of the kids don’t do anything in class except run their mouths.  Today, I got a list of my most at-risk students.  Guess which class had the most students on the list.  We keep asking the counselor what we did to piss her off.

I think what makes this situation worse is that last year, I was off last period and I absolutely loved it.  This year, I have to deal with this class during that time.  I do not even look forward to the end of the day.

There is never a dull moment in this class.  Yesterday, one student yelled at another student (in front of the whole class, “You are the reason I want to commit suicide.”  Today, a girl pulled out a handful of condoms from her class that her mom gave her.  Apparently they are strawberry flavored and someone asked if she had tasted them.

This class will be a challenge, but I am much better prepared for it than I was last year.  It will be interesting to compare test scores to see how far behind this class is from the rest.  Maybe they will surprise me?  I won’t hold my breath.


Dress code…

September 7, 2010

This year, my district has started having standardized dress for the elementary and middle schools.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, standardized dress is a step down from uniforms.  The students have to wear khaki, navy or black pants with a solid color polo or dress shirt (with no logos).  That pretty much describes what I wear to school on most days.  Now I blend in with the kids, which I actually enjoy because sometimes we wear the same color polos with our khakis.  Whenever someone points out that I am dressed the same as a kid, I like to say something along the lines of, “that is because he texted me last night and told me to wear the green shirt today.”

In other news, I have started my students around town.  Yesterday, I saw one of my favorite students from last year at Albertson’s.  It made me really happy to see him.  Luckily I have still yet to see any of my least favorite students.