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Busy, busy, busy…

October 29, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates; I have been really busy.  This week has been crazy.  I feel like the kid who is signed up for every club.  Twice this week I have been up at school until 8:30 (by the way, I get to work at 7:30).  On Monday, I had a meeting after school.  It was a training for new teachers and I found out I was supposed to present to them a few hours before.  On Tuesday, I had to work HARVARD after school for 2 hours.  Then I went to the football game to watch my kids play.  On Thursday I had to work the concession stand, which each teacher has to do once a year.  The volleyball game was against our rival.  There were 3 games and each game went to 3 matches.  The power in the gym went out at 7 (which is normal, to save energy).  Apparently the person who was supposed to make sure that the power stayed on for the game didn’t do their job.

Things are about to get even busier.  I don’t think I have mentioned this earlier, but one of the other 8th grade history teachers was hired as our new testing coordinator.  She did a lot of the work for us, since she has been there the longest.  Now I have to take care of all of that.  It is getting better now that her replacement has been hired.  She was also the 8th grade team leader.  Today, I was chosen as the new 8th grade team leader.  At first, I didn’t think that I wanted to do it, but a lot of people wanted me to, so I put my name in.

On a random note, sometimes my kids say things that make me want to cry.  I’m not going to go into details, but that happened twice this week.

I’m so glad it’s the weekend.




October 11, 2010

On Friday, I had story time in class.  On Thursday we had talked about Paul Revere in class.  I checked out a book from the library that had the poem about Paul Revere’s ride.  When my students came in on Friday and saw “Story time” on the board, they asked about it.  When I read the story, I told them to sit on the floor, in front of me.  They did not believe I was serious at first, but some did come and sit on the floor.

They loved it.  As I read the poem, I showed the pictures to the class.  I have never seen my classes that quiet when I was talking.  At the end, they asked if we could have nap time as well, but I said no.

I would love to say that this was my idea, but it was not.  When I was checking out the book, our librarian suggested that I have them sit on the floor.  She was right.  I would like to have story time again, if can find other stories to incorporate with my lessons.



October 8, 2010

Today is homecoming for the high school and apparently it is a big deal in my town, even for the kids in middle school.  I have some friends who work at the high school and they told me that I should come to the pep rally.  I asked when it was and they said 10:30.  Really?  Who has a pep rally at 10:30?  Well, luckily it was during my conference time, so I went with another teacher.

We didn’t get to stay for too long, since we had to get back.  I did get to see a lot of students.  Although that also meant that I saw a lot that I didn’t want to see.  I saw one kid and turned my head to hide, but luckily he didn’t see me.  When I found my friends, they were near the freshman section.  I walked by and a ton of kids were shouting my name during the pep rally and a lot of people were looking around wondering what was going on.

It was fun, I just wished I could have stayed longer; stupid work getting in the way of things.



October 7, 2010

The crazy folks of the MLB decided to schedule the first 2 Rangers-Rays playoff game in the afternoon while I am at work.  But I found a way around that.  I pulled up the ESPN gamecast to keep up with the game during class.  I also have to very conveniently located computers in my room, so that I can look at the gamecast while I am up at the front teaching.  (I meant to take pictures, but I forgot.)

My principal is also a big baseball fan and sent an email earlier this week that said that he was going to record the game and watch it after work.  He did not want anyone to reveal information about the game.  He told us that he was not sure if he could legally fire someone for telling him the score, but he was willing to find out.  I don’t know how that worked out for him.

So today during my 4th period, I was talking to a student and messing with the stapler at the same time.  I managed to put a staple in my finger that came in and stuck out the other end.  The kid busted out laughing and the rest of the class was wondering what happened.

Today was also full of disruptions.  During 2nd period, someone pulled the fire alarm.  Since it was not a drill, we had to stay outside for a while, luckily it was nice out.  After the firefighters cleared the building, we were able to resume class after a 20 minute delay.

Near the end of 4th period, they came on the announcements and told us not to release our classes when the bell rang.  We found out later, that a student collapsed in the hallway and they had to call an ambulance.  They wanted to keep everyone out of the halls.  So 4th period lasted about 10 minutes longer, which shortened 5th period.

There was a little too much excitement today.  Finally by 6th period, I was able to teach an entire class without any major disruptions.


Funny quotes…

October 4, 2010

Today I had some good quotes from some of the kiddos.

This morning, a kid asked, “Are people from the North Pole Polish?”  I busted out laughing and said, “I hope that is a joke because that is really funny.”

My favorite came later in the day, when we were talking about the colonies.

“So the stripes on the flag represent the 13 colonies?”

“Yes,” I replied, even though I didn’t even mention anything about the flag.

“So why are the stripes different colors?”

“Well, if they were all the same color, then they wouldn’t be stripes, it would be solid.”

At this point, the class busted out laughing.

“I just got burned.”

Yes you did, buddy.