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Field trip…

May 27, 2011

We had our field trip on Wednesday.  On of the joys of being the 8th grade leader is that I got to plan it.  It was interesting planning a field trip when I had never been on one as a teacher.

For our field trip, we went to Putt-Putt and Alley Cats.  They are owned by the same company and are connected.  We rented out both facilities and the kids had unlimited golf, bowling, laser tag, pool, and video game.  It was awesome!  The kids had so much fun and the teachers loved it too.  We did not have any problems with the kids and they stayed occupied the whole time.

The only incident we had was when we were loading the busses and could not find a child.  It turns out she was absent that day and her teacher did not mark her absent.  While we were looking for her, 5 of the buses left, including my bus, but I made it back.

It was so much fun getting to play around with my students.  It is definitely something that they will remember, especially when I got a little competitive and almost cursed a few many times.  For all of the work that I put in, it was definitely worth it and everyone loves me even more.



TAKS Scores…

May 23, 2011

We got our TAKS scores today.  I was so excited to finally receive them.  I am disappointed by them.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids did great, but I have my reasons for being disappointed.  One is that they didn’t do as well as last year, even though I worked so much harder and am a better teacher than last year.  I am not going to go into detail about how my students did, because I need to be happy with the results and any other teacher in my school would be thrilled to have the scores I have.  It is just one of those things where I am more critical of myself.



May 10, 2011

Yesterday, I had my first period class help me get the left over drinks and snacks from the concession stand.  Later in the day, a student told me that he had seen two other students stealing bags of cheetos.  I almost didn’t believe the kid who told me and was surprised that he even said something.

I tracked down the first kid and asked him about it.  He confessed immediately and gave back the cheetos.  Then I went and found the second kid.  He denied it several times, but after the first kid confessed, I knew he was lying.  I told him that his buddy already confessed.  I had also seen him eating the bag of chips, but didn’t think anything of it at the time.  I kept pressing him and was about to start the waterboarding, when he finally admitted it.

I was very upset at these two kids.  I am not too surprised that something got stolen, but I was surprised by who stole it.  I wrote them up and gave the referrals to their assistant principal.  He asked me to call their parents and explain what had happened before he met with the kids and assigned them a punishment.  I called the first boy’s mom and she sounded surprised.  I emailed the second boy’s mom.  She is a teacher and did not answer when I called.  She emailed me back today and said that she wanted her son to do some labor for me after school in addition to whatever the assistant principal decided.  By the time he came by after school, I had figured out what I needed him to do.  I had him scrape the gum off of the bottom of all the desks.  I was nice though and found him some gloves to use.


Student vs. Faculty Football Game…

May 6, 2011

Today we had the Student vs. Faculty Football Game, which was put on by none other than yours truly.  This event has been done in several years, so I never got to experience t, but I think it went pretty well.  The game was during the school day and we sold admission for $1 and we also had concessions.  We made quite a bit of money.

The student team was made up of selected 8th grade boys and girls.  They had to have at least 5 girls on the field at all times and they had to be involved in the plays as well, and the boys weren’t too happy.  The faculty team had about 15 members and we were all on the field against 11 kiddos; the game was flag football.  We scored on the first possession and made the two point conversion.  The students scored on our second possession with a pick 6 and they made the two point conversions.  The students were about to score on their next possession but I intercepted it near the goal line and ran it back 15-20 yards.  I was quite proud of myself and it made it worth it that I spent $30 finding the stickiest football gloves I could find.  The kid who the pass was intended for was one of the best on the football and track teams, but I was keeping up with him.

I also made several good “tackles.”  I was very impressed that I could run and keep up with the kids.  I showed no mercy.  We were able to score a second touchdown and kept the kids from scoring again.  In the end we won the game!  The kids weren’t too happy.  They said we cheated, but the refs never said anything and I am sure they were completely unbiased and I did not disagree with any of their calls.