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October 17, 2012

This is one of the joys of teaching at a new school.  I thought that I would get new books, but that is not the case.  Since the other high school lost students in the transition, we got the surplus books.  However, there were not enough AP books for my classes.  They had to order more books and they finally came in.  Today, my AP classes finally got their books checked out to them.  Mind you, we are 8 weeks in to an 18 week semester.  Plus, the books they ordered are the same 10-year-old edition as the ones we already had.  Which is good, because how dare we have some students with government books that have up to date information.  I mean, nothing important has really happened in government since 2002.




October 6, 2012

I know.  I have not been updating much.  I keep thinking that I need to post, but I have been very busy, but things are starting to settle down.  I will try to post more later, but I want to make a brief post now.

While grading tests from my AP class, I ran across this jewel.  “John F. Kennedy was the only person to run and win on a third party ticket.  If he ran in 2000 against Gore and Bush, the voter turnout would have been at least 20% higher than 51%”  Yes, from an AP student.  And for the record, I corrected the grammatical errors when I typed this.