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The hardest part of my job…

May 31, 2013

As of today, my classes are finished. We still have a few days left, but my final was today. My final was not that difficult but some kids still did not do well, which brings me to the hardest part of my job and is the biggest downside of teaching seniors.

I had to call a parent today and tell her that her daughter was not going to graduate (her number went straight to voicemail, so I did not get to speak directly to her, which was a relief). Now it wasn’t too bad because I a generous soul. She has a 68 and I am allowing her to turn in her extra credit late because I know it will bring her to passing. My fear is that she will not do it, based on her track record.

Now that my first year of teaching government is nearing a close, I can finally say that I love it so much more than middle school, despite their laziness.

In other news, today I got to see my first students graduate. Our alternative high school held their commencement tonight and I went to see my former students, many of whom probably would not have graduated if they had not gone there. I also saw some of my students from my first year.

Two and a half days left with the students and the year is over.



The things they say…

May 14, 2013

Last week, I was talking to one of my classes about college classes.  I made a comment about science labs and having to be in class for three hours straight.  One girl said to me, “I’m going to a Christian school and they don’t offer science because it goes against the Bible.”  I tried not to laugh out loud.  I looked it up and she was wrong.  Well, almost.  They do not offer any science majors, but they do offer two science classes:  physical science and biological science (with a focus on human body systems).  I’m assuming that evolution is not taught in that class.

Today while they were supposed to be working, I saw a boy drawing a picture of Satan.  It was a good drawing.  I told him to put it away and do his work.  He told me that he is in a devil worship group that meets at Wing Stop on Wednesdays and he was working on a flyer for the group.  He then proceeded to invite me to come to the gathering.  I can only imagine the look on my face.  He said it was a completely straight face, so I could not tell if he was joking.  He is someone who is very quiet and I have only heard him speak a handful of times so I do not know him well enough to know.


AP testing…

May 14, 2013

Today was the day that’s kids took their AP test. I was a little worried because it wast first year to teach. I wish that more kids would have shown up to my reviews, especially since I am arch better teacher this semester. However, I did not worry too much, since I did all that I could, today was up to them.

I spoke to a lot of kids after the test and they seemed pretty confident about it: I was surprised by the response. Everyone said it was easier than any of the practice tests I gave. I am not going to put too much stock into what they said, because we won’t know until their scores come in, but my expectations are higher this afternoon than they were this morning.


It’s that time of year…

May 13, 2013

We are down to about three weeks left for the school year.  My seniors are very lazy, as if that was unexpected.  Prom is this weekend, and I know that after that, they will be even lazier, if that is possible.

My AP test is tomorrow.  I am kind of terrified about how my students will do.  I do not have any AP classes this semester, but I did have some review sessions.  Unfortunately the attendance was poor.  There is a lot of talent and I hope it is utilized.

Last Thursday, I decided to go to Whataburger for lunch.  As I was in line ordering, I see some students walk in.  They saw me and walked out.  Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch.  Luckily, I recognized one of the boys; I had him in 8th grade and he is a sophomore now.  As it happened, I was also picking up lunch for the sophomore assistant principal.  As I handed him his tasty burger, I informed him of his delinquent students.  I do not know the outcome, but the usual punishment is in school suspension.  I hope their Whataburger was worth it.  It may very well be.