For the first time in my four and a half years of teaching, I have students who failed my class.  This is a sign of me maturing as a teacher.  In the past, I have let students do pretty much anything to make up their grade.  It has been hard for me to not let kids make up everything.  I am still generous with late work, but I am getting better at sticking to the grading policy.

The three students who failed were all in my AP classes.  Two of them I knew all along would fail.  One never passed a test or six week.  The other I tried to move to a regular class after the second six week, but both he and his mom wanted him to stay.  He failed the first tow six weeks, but did pass the last six weeks, but it was not enough.

The final student who failed was not expected, but maybe I should have.  I had this student my first year of teaching.  He was great then, but has gotten really lazy.  I could see this and his mom told me the same thing.  He took my AP class to be with friends.  He is capable, but, again, lazy.  These are his grades for each six weeks: 71, 69 (which I had to bump to 70), and 70.  At one point in this six week, he had 4 missing assignments.  Going in to the final, he basically needed to pass the test to pass the class.  He usually tests well, but not this time.  He scored a low 50 on the exam, bringing him to a 67 for the semester.  What really sucks for him is that if he would had turned in his exam review for extra credit, he would have ended up with a 69, which, again, I have to bump up to a 70.

I did not enjoy having to call their parents to tell them.  Hopefully I will not have students fail this semester.  I will hate those phone calls even more.  Students who failed my AP class or barely passed are being moved out of AP economics.



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