April Fool’s…

Today I gave a test in my AP economics class. The kids were complaining a lot about the test, but I wasn’t going to worry until I got their tests graded.

I should have been worried.

The scores were terrible. I haven’t calculated the average but from what I saw when I ran the scantrons, it was awful. I would guess that maybe 10 percent passed and I believe the highest grade was in the low 80s.

I didn’t think the test was too difficult. I honestly think it was because of laziness and the seniors not wanting to do work.

Now I am angry. My new goal is to be the most hated teacher on campus. There will be no fun in my class.

What makes me the most angry is that according to the district policy, I have to reteach and retest each class when more than 40% fail. I was already worried about finishing everything before the AP test and this is not helping.

I really hope this is some sort of elaborately constructed April Fool’s joke that they are all in on. Sadly, I don’t think this is the case.



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